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In the Spring of 2020, PosiFest was fully prepared to go live, when suddenly the pandemic hit and sent us into lockdown. With only two weeks to do so, we successfully pivoted and transformed the entire festival online. PosiFest 2020 attracted over 11,000 attendees online.


PosiFest 2020 Performances and Speakers: 


Musicians & Bands

  • Melody Mummies Choir

  • The Edinburgh Contemporary Choir

  • Peaking Out from The Middle with Chris Gimby

  • Blue Heron

  • The Apes of Genius 

  • Jaysonic ft. Elloquant

  • MPF

  • Ramuyapiko

  • PSYPOP with Shalhavit-Simcha 



  • DJ Haptic/Mind Yer Self 

  • DJ Jungle Andy 

  • DJ Kamal



  • Standing Yoga with Neesha Jambagi

  • Pranayama with Rachel Marie

  • Art Psychotherapy with LeeAnn Sheehy


Comedians & Spoken Word Artists

  • PosiPoetry with Derek Dimpfl

  • Insane in the Men Brain with Rich Wilson

  • Weight Loss Expectations: One Man's Recovery with dave Chawner


Popcorn Talks

  • Sex Pleasure Positivity with Ruth Eliot

  • Helplines & Helping with Friends of Nightline

  • How to Make Friends with Shalhavit-Simcha

  • Anorexia Recovery with Katie Reid

  • Talk It Out with Jon Salmon 

  • Mental Health with Claire Ann Banga

  • DBT Skills with Megan Stokell

  • Folk Story Telling with Lorenzo Caviglia


TED Cricle with Ellen Maloney

PosiMagic with Chris Cook


Are you inspired by what we're doing? Do you have a skill, talent, performance, or expertise that aligns with the principles of positive psychology? Pitch us now to speak or perform at PosiFest 2023! Don't wait, only a few spots are left! 

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